Windows, Linux, Mac OS or Chrome OS?

Windows, Linux, Mac OS or Chrome OS? 

A while ago I had started a survey on the operating system of your choice. Particularly interested in what self-employed people use.

Now that more than 300 votes were cast, I would like to evaluate the survey today and I look at it, what do you use.

Windows, Linux, Mac OS or Chrome OS?

For a selection in my vote were the four operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS or Chrome OS. I found it much  exciting to know what the preferences are for these systems.

When I use the computer my friends and relatives look at me so strangely, they are dominated by there Windows. 

But my readers are as sure a slightly different audience. Who is online much traveling and founded his own on the net, which is certainly open for other operating systems.

The operating systems of entrepreneurs

In the survey a total of 359 votes were cast, making this survey one of the most popular in my blog.And the result is still significantly different from what I would have expected that. There is a clear, winner ‘:

Linux is used by almost two thirds of respondents, what I would have certainly not expected.However, I must also say that Linux has taken a great leap in recent years. The user friendliness has made this OS quite popular.

Just recently I had a look at the current version of Ubuntu and was quite impressed. It can be used out of the box and so I have installed it on my second computer. Other Linux distributions, like Elementary or Linux Mint make a very good impression and have been well used by ‘normal’ users. The everyday computer user.

Relegated to 2nd place was Windows, with just 20% of the vote. Because I would have clearly expected more, simply because most Windows users, grow up and need more flexibility and power.

Mac OS employ voted at least 15%, which is probably very common nowadays especially for graphic artists. But the spread increases in other “occupations” to Apple and the PC as they are no longer a niche product.

Only 2% of the participant uses a Chrome OS. Because the potential seems to be upwards, I myself can’t judge  how powerful or not this operating system is and what are it’s shortcomings and restrictions.

2 votes  were for “something else”, which I do not know what that is exactly.

Is that a realistic picture for OS?

The Linux is popular among my readers, I do not find that so surprising, however, this raises the question, “Is this dominance for most computer users? The one reason for the many Linux votes was that this article was mainly visited by Linux users.

Overall I would say that the share of Windows is not surprising but still  lower than I assumed. Nevertheless, Linux is certainly an interesting alternative especially for self-employed in the networking field and IT consulting. There are  a lot of good software programs for the Linux OS and even many Windows programs can be run on it.

I use Windows and Ubuntu for various purposes and am generally satisfied. But of course, if it becomes possible that I can use Linux exclusively, then I will be a happy nerd indeed.

What about you? Do you use only one operating system or more systems in parallel? And if there are more, what do you use them for?

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