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Cloud Computing For Beginners

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”QJncFirhjPg” title=”Cloud Computing Explained” upload_time=”2008-09-29T20:32:00.000Z” description=”Confused about the term ‘Cloud Computing’? Want to be ‘with the times’ when you talk about new technology buzzwords? This video boils down a section of Cloud”]

Confused about the term “Cloud Computing”? Want to be “with the times” when you talk about new technology buzzwords? This video boils down a section of Cloud Computing, that of Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Hosting in a way that everyone can understand!

Script by Michael Sheehan
youtube: HighT3chDad

Animation / illustration by Tim Wayne
Fans can contact him through his website: thecallhimtimmy dot com

A big hat tip goes out from us to the Common Craft folks who make simply the BEST “In Plain English” videos available and are very inspiring. See their videos at:

20 Responses to Cloud Computing

  1. Matthew Gardner says:

    I (like everyone else) I extremely grateful for this video and has helped and benefited my power point for class

  2. Turgut Sarıçam says:

    Well, I like taximeter part.

  3. Ryan Zhao says:

    This was great!

  4. Anjali Kushwaha says:

    it was very good…. just tell me exactly where it get stores?? if its not any hardware…. you can't simply put it on the cloud like shown… thank you

  5. Claire Johnson says:

    The best cloud hosting site ever it's easy and safe :

  6. TheTech660 says:

    Well put together! Thanks for this!!!

  7. gowtham Krishna says:

    great video . explained very well

  8. Prashant Aher says:

    very nicely explained

  9. kwsrchoudhury says:

    Can you explain Platform and Application???

  10. moe alharbi says:

    Very well explained. Thank you

  11. Laura Dencer says:

    Very well explained, but can you expound on the other 2 cloud computing options (application and platform)? Thanks!!!!

  12. krishnaja pinnamaneni says:

    I dont usually comment on youtube videos but this one is just amazing..u guys are awesome..:))

  13. praneeth kumar says:

    Great ….thanx a lot

  14. Vineet Mishra says:

    well explained.. thanks

  15. Hm2 K says:

    wow !ee

  16. kiran kumar says:

    Best ever… explained.

  17. Deadtremental says:

    This is how ill pass IT Theory

  18. Saad Kidwai says:

    Any good recommendations/guidance for a Unix SA? What would be a more natural progression for me towards cloud? Any specific certifications/training/discipline?

  19. Nikesh Sharma says:

    Very unique way to explain.. Thank you 😄. made it very simple to understand.

  20. kathillina says:

    still does not explain what is cloud computing. by my guess it is just a outsource hosts that host your website.

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