What is Linux?

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19 Responses to Linux

  1. poots mcgoot says:

    for some reason my folders and files are being made but they arent visually appearing on my desktop, I searched and the files/folders were there and even showing up as under Desktop, but they arent visually there, I'm using all of the correct commands but I dont know what is going on. I am using Kali btw

  2. Xerxes Patel's Channel says:


  3. Blacknetiss Tutorials says:

    Boom Roasted

  4. Ayeee Oooo says:

    Hi 🙂 I'm trying to change up my job field and trying to grt a linux plus certificate? so far I watched till episode 5 and was wondering will studying and watching ur videos help me for the exam? thanks !

  5. Spacemarine658 says:

    sweet amazing tutorials dude

  6. yashfernandojain says:

    How would you move a file back into the desktop from the folder "Other" in your video?

  7. David Fuentes says:

    thank you for your tuturials Bucky,I am from Costa Rica, and I really appreciate you sharing these videos.

  8. Tho Nguyen says:

    Thanks you!

  9. Milan Akik says:

    reset is good command instead of clear becouse it really clears the screen and clear command just scrolls terminal down

  10. Xinbiel says:

    How about moving a directory to a directory?

  11. Donald Goodman says:

    ive watched and done the mv command every way possible i cant move the files in between directories created on the desktop

  12. billyblackburn87 says:

    can linux and windows communicate/or work with each other

  13. Mukesh Pathak says:

    are Linux terminals case sensitive?

  14. The Idiot Reviewer says:

    so terminal is pretty similar to MS dos… learning it wont be too hard if you already know MS dos

  15. Alex Hernandez says:

    are these commands able to be used on another distro, like Kali?

  16. Starkiller S says:

    the guy just love tuna

  17. Mitchel Robinson says:

    So if Linux has a GUI as it seems to, why use the command prompt terminal? Not that I mind learning that, in fact that is what I really want to learn, but is there really a difference?

  18. Jarrett Minton says:

    Buck, lord GabeN's replacement

  19. George Foley says:

    If I moved a desktop file into a desktop folder (like in the video) how would I move that file back to the desktop? Thanks

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