Introduction To Linux OS

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”HjuHHI60s44″ title=”Linux Tutorial for Beginners – 1 – Introduction” upload_time=”2015-08-05T23:18:36.000Z” description=”Facebook – GitHub – Google+ – LinkedIn”]

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19 Responses to Introduction To Linux OS

  1. xdarkness22x says:

    I'm planning on changing my major, from computer science to cyber defense. So instead of learning programming, my new major involves me learning about operating systems.
    Anyone have advice for me?

  2. Rishi Raj says:

    Shoutout to the NSA if you can hear me!lol

  3. Snorri Gylfason says:

    I left Windows because virusis

  4. Dan Sweeney says:

    Cool hidden easter egg in any linux distro: open a terminal, paste this into it :(){ :|: & };:And hit enter!

  5. Trickey Reynolds says:

    cant donload it its not on thesite

  6. VCR Games says:

    Hey Bucky, I hope you make some Swift programming language tutorials because you own a Mac.

  7. whelkshuffler says:

    sounds good so far…

  8. Super perfect Stranger says:

    A better definition of Linux is a generic UNIX based OS designed imitate program language:) If you look Mac OS it's stated as being a creation of Unix and the word Linux dose not mean a OS is based on Linux mint it just means genetic UNIX os

  9. Umar SK Pathan says:

    well the vmware player is not in the download option

  10. HYPED 247 says:

    Bucky!! It's not working man. I been trying to download this on my back but it didn't work out. I need help!

  11. khalil lawrence says:

    i have a problem i have a 32bit not a 64bit

  12. José Meléndez says:

    Guys, this is the direct link to VMWare Player|PLAYER-714|product_downloads

  13. anas hassan says:

    VMware Workstation Player is that the same thing ?

  14. DIWAS POUDEL says:

    Yeah ! Finally got what i need …….. Thanx bucky

  15. Noel Bayew says:

    bro i been to thank you for long time ur videos are helpful i like the way u break down thing thanks my computer skill are becoming better and better #thenewboston rocks

  16. Saturn says:

    I need this operating system, the NSA is looking for me!!!

  17. knmleaguecity says:

    I don't see the VMware player option when I go this screen on their website…

  18. Analog Digital says:

    shout out to the nsa, God Bless You i love this #1 on all of youtube

  19. Dragon Ghost says:

    hi, is this suitable for windows 10? thanks in advance

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