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How to restore full VPS backup to new VPS?

How to restore full VPS backup to new VPS?


Note:- This article is not for those who don’t have some knowledge about linux and server related stuff.

I feel that this issue was faced by many people and just thought to put some tutorial onto it, its easy and simple if you do things in a right way! If you don’t know what you are doing then its highly recommended not to continue.

So Lets Start

First step is to create fresh new Virtual Machine through SolusVM. You need to take care that you are giving enough space to your new box so that it can hold new backup without any quota errors. After creating VPS must note down its ID (Because you need to trace it in /vz/private/).

Downloading the Backup to Node!

I am assuming that you’ve backup located on some place like tar or tar.gz. And to do this process you must need to have root access to main node. (Other wise it can’t be done)

So login to Node and use this command to transfer backup to node:

cd /root

wget or tar.gz

Transformation of new VPS files to your newly Created VPS

Note:- Delete all files from your new VPS using WinSCP, and make sure to shut it down before doing anything else

Now you need to move backup to your new VPS, located here /vz/private/. You need to download WinSCP on your computer and login via sFTP with root username and password. Now you can see the system files. Now move your backup file to VPS.

Extraction of Backup

Now you’ve to extarct the backup, as in early step you’ve deleted all VPS files, so VPS is not working yet and its shutdown. So login to main node via SSH, and put the following command!

cd /vz/private/vpsid

Now you just need to extract the backup, if your backup is in tar format you can do the following command to extract it “tar -xvwf filename.tar” (Removing commas)

And if the backup is in tar.gz format you need to put the following command “tar xvf filename.tar” (removing commas).

Now start your VPS through solusVM and it should be online.

- If you’ve any questions or queries feel free to ask————————————————

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