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How To Select A Good Linux VPS Hosting Provider

How To Select A Good Linux VPS Hosting Provider


Virtual Private Server is actually software functionality which runs inside a machine, but functions like a physical computer. In this concept, one system can be used as a server and it can be partitioned into many. To be more precise, it is a type of hosting where you can share a physical server with other customers, but are allocated a dedicated share of system resources.

Web hosting companies provide hosting support using various servers. But Linux VPS hosting is regarded as the most preferred one compared to others because of its affordability and functionalities. With so many VPS hosting available, it is very significant to choose the reputed hosting service. While doing so it is good to choose the one which satisfies the following constraints.

Guarantee of Server uptime: While choosing the VPS hosting plan, this is the prime factor to be considered. The server should have maximum uptime and minimal downtime. It is better to have the server with no downtime at all.

All companies provide uptime guarantee. Most companies offer up to 99.99% uptime guarantee. It is better not to choose the service which offers you less than 95%.

Technical assistance: It is very important to consider the technical assistance after hosting service is provided because the website will be functioning 24/ 7 and round the clock. There are many possibilities for the technical issues to arise. So ensure if the company is accessible through email, online chat etc.

Price: The factor to be considered is the price. As the VPS server allows clients to access only limited resources depending on the price, it is important to consider the features of other company’s service and choose the right one. Plan for the host that provides right the amount of resource with affordable price.

Transperancy: The industries started using more social media and blogging tactics to attract consumers. You can check out the company’s twitter history and see what people are really say about the company. As Twitter represented by most people, it is difficult to scam than those silly review sites. Sure fake accounts created for the purpose of promoting can easily be detected and penalized.

Right OS: While choosing VPS hosting plan, choosing of right platform can certainly help you from facing problems in future.

Collocation – It means server configuration is being given to the hosting company by you and allows for monitoring link in the network of a hosting company. Following this gives the responsibility of maintenance, licensing and other related activities to the hosting company except the power company. The host does not interfere at all with your site for any other purpose.

Experience: The hosting company should have minimal experience of two to three years of experience in order to avoid the future inconveniences.

So considering the above factors should be given due importance and time should be spent on analyzing each and every aspect and right VPS service should be picked Compromises should not be made as it’s the source of income for us.

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