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Leading innovative website offers a multitude of cheap VPS packages

Leading innovative website offers a multitude of cheap VPS packages

Alan Reed

Sourcing a professional and experienced web hosting company, capable of offering advice, guidance and support, especially to the novice customer, is both daunting and hard to come by. Web hosting is an integral element of any online venture utilised by small and large, mainstream companies, wishing to establish a grip on the increasingly popular internet scene. Gigatux is a professional online company providing a wealth of value for money, web hosting solutions, with a specialism in Linux VPS systems. They offer packages of varying memory, hard drive space, bandwidth and much more, to ensure the services they offer are as customisable and consumer orientated as possible.

Gigatux is dedicated to offering the highest quality and most impressive web hosting solutions on the market. Their unique selling point lies in their use of high powered servers, located in Maidenhead, providing some of the most consistent connectivity and high bandwidth connection available for purchase. The site itself is hosted on the main server using their UK VPS products. Gigatux as a company is agile as it is customisable, selling a range of honestly priced, cheap vps systems to suit all customer needs.

The UK vps packages available at Gigatux perform equivalently to the standard linux vps systems, but are in no way limited. The package offered comes with the conventional web hosting, mail servers and so on, a proxy service and acts as a cheap online storage facility. Gigatux have the capacity also to host any standard VPS package, and can provide cheap VPS accounts, using a distribution of choice.

VPS is of particular use for customers who need access to full Linux installation, but are unwilling to invest in costly dedicated servers. VPS packages partition resources such as RAM and hard disk, to name but just a few, so that it appears as multiple servers. Though Gigatux is always on hand to offer support and guidance, they suggest that before fully committing to their cheap UK vps packages, it proves useful to have previous Linux experience.

The VPS packages Gigatux provide are very competitively priced, reflective of the quality of the company, yet commitment to offering customers the best deals possible. The pricing table acts as a useful summary, highlighting the range of packages and the level of hard disk space and memory they offer. It is also possible to view any set up charges, and all other associated fees, before simply selecting the “buy” option to begin payment of the desired VPS package.

So, if wishing to invest in a specialist VPS orientated, web hosting company, be sure to sample the expertise to be found at

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