Install OS from ISO using iDRAC

Show how to install an operating server on your server from an iso file using the DELL iDrac port without using CD ROM
Install OS from iso file in iDrac ( Dell Servers)
mount cd to server in iDrac
install OS on dell server without cd
install operating system from iso using iDrac
installing idrac
install windows server from idrac
install centos from idrac
install linux idrac

Show how to find IP address in Windows 8 or windows 7

Show how to find MAC address (Physical address) in Windows 8 or windows 7

Show how to find the IP address in Linux CentOS using GUI or text mode

show how to download video from youtube:

Show how to enable hibernation in windows 8

Show how to find the MAC address in Linux CentOS using the GUI or the command line

show how to change the Hostname in CentOS Linux by modifying the file /etc/sysconfig/network

show how to disable firewall in windows 8:

Learn how to turn on shadow copy in windows server 2008

Show how to increase download speed in IDM

Show saved passwords in Firefox:

Change all capital letters to small letters, or change small letters to capital letters in microsoft word

Enable telnet in windows 8 or windows 7:

Show how to upload files to a remote server using remote desktop:

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