Question: Is Linux a Bad Desktop Operating System?

I just watched the last "Windows 10 keynote" and it seems a very good os.
I have to be honest I've never used Linux but while I was watching the keynote I thought that, at least until now, it's absurd using an os like Linux as a desktop os while there are products like Microsoft Windows or Apple Os X on the market.
Linux is a beast as server os and this is undeniable but in my opinion absolutely inferior than Os X or Windows as desktop os.
I think that a common user use Linux only for etic reasons and not because it is a superior product; they hate people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates because of their money and their success and then in order not to bring further gains to Apple or Microsoft they decide to stay with Linux.
I have a Samsung tablet and an LG smartphone with Android and I have to admit that is a pretty good os for that devices but I wouldn't ever use Android or Chrome OS for my pc specially in a work environment or for gaming.
What do you think about it? Am I wrong?

-Daniele G.

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